Renowned  Psychic  Victoria Alvarado

Victoria provides psychic and healing services that you can trust for the highest quality expertise that has ranked her amongst the Top Five Psychic Mediums in the Houston area by CBS Local Radio. She is a frequent guest on radio and TV shows around the country.

Victoria offers readings and spiritual insight to clients both locally and across the Americas, Canada, Australia, and Unitded kingdom privately via telephone and skype, as well as monthly gallery events throughout the United States and most recently in Washington, D.C, and New Port Beach, California. 


Victoria Alvarado is an internationally known Spiritual counselor, Ordained Minister, Public Figure, and Author who was born in Houston, Texas. Victoria Alvarado is a strong medium empath and  is one of the most highly sought after Spiritual counselors in Houston.  Victoria has resided in Houston for most of her life, she is a wife and mother to four boys. Victoria’s psychic abilities manifested themselves when she was a young child when an angel appeared to her. Since then she has been a conduit for the spiritual realm relaying messages and spiritual insight to her clients around the world. Victoria uses her gifts to help her clients find peace, closure and the answers they need to move forward in life.

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