Renowned  Psychic  Victoria Alvarado

Policy & Disclaimer

Cancellation policy/rescheduling: Readings are non-refundable. I require a 48 hour notice for all cancellations/reschedules if you fail to contact me your payment will be forfeited. 
you can reschedule only once if done within the 48 hour notice. If circumstances do not allow you to reschedule, please be advised I do not offer a credit. You have the option to transfer the reading to another person but make sure to notify the office within 24 hours of the change. 

Please note that if you are a “NO-SHOW” your appointment cannot be rescheduled nor transferred and will not be refunded.

Telephone: You will call the reading line (281)899-8029 for your appointment. This line is for Scheduled reading appointments only! if i dont hear from you at 281-899-8029  see skype sessions 

Skype Sessions:  I will make 2 attempts to contact you 1. which is your initial call with voicemail msg being left and 2. an email will be sent. if you do not answer it is considered a no show and your payment will be forfeited. Fullslate booking systems sends out 2 appointment reminders prior to your appointment time and date so that you are fully aware of your upcoming session.  Please make sure your phone number entered in the system is correct before your session. Should you call within 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment time please note that time will be deducted, in order to honor the appointment time that other clients have scheduled. *****Do not call until the exact time of your appointment as Victoria does not interrupt existing readings to answer the phone, common practice for Victoria is that she calls her clients for each session.*******

Confidentiality: Data collected via this website where provided voluntarily (i.e. names and e-mail addresses will only be used to keep visitors informed of additions, new features or changes to the website. Should you no longer wish to receive written material from this website your contact information will be removed from my database upon written request.

Time Zone Difference: please note that victoria  is in Texas which the time zone is central standard time you will need to convert your time zone to your area accordingly so that it doesnt cause confusion.


By Booking an Appointment with Victoria you are agreeing that Victoria Alvarado is not a Lawyer nor a Medical Doctor and cannot give legal or medical diagnosis.  Victoria will not be held by any decisions you will make pertaining to your life decisions you make as a result of a service you have received by Victoria. I do not assume responsibility for what you choose to do with your life, you have free will to make those decisions, all I can do is tell you what I see if you go down a particular road, or choose not to. Please know information any psychic gives you is for the moment, your free will choices can change everything. Psychic readings are references only, not a precise, prediction of your life. The responsibility of your life is yours, and we only give road maps, as such, to help direct you. You cannot obsess about a reading, nor can you make it an exact science, as it is not. There are many variables that come into a reading, and you can change things by those variables. Moreover, YOU understand that the messages received by Victoria may not consist of information which YOU wish to hear. By entering into this reading YOU specifically and unequivocally agree to forever release and acquit Victoria from any liability whatsoever for any of the information transmitted, or not transmitted to  you at the time of your reading. All Sales are final and refunds are not and will not be made except by the discretion of the Medium. YOU agree and acknowledge understanding that any and all advice or assertions of fact made by Victoria is for entertainment purposes only and should not be relied upon by YOU in making important life decisions. YOU are hereby agree to waive and hold Victoria harmless for any damages that might arise out of YOUR reliance on any advice or representations of fact by Victoria..  If you are comfortable with this, then please make an appointment on this website. your paragraph here.