​​Life Coaching, Healing & psychic mediumship

Donation sessions allow you to pay according to what you are able. My intention with this work is for the purpose of healing and not to exclude anyone from receiving a reading due to financial constraints. Services include Readings, and Shamanic Energy Healing(Aura Clearing)

There is a $15 deposit requirement to hold appointment time for IN PERSON SESSIONS. Deposit is non refundable should you miss or not show for your session.  

Regular Reading and Healing sessions range from $70-$225 for an hour. Someone struggling financially may donate what they can. Someone experiencing financial abundance may donate a greater amount. My goal is to help as many people i can find the peace of mind, guidance and spiritual healing they need. 

you can schedule your in person session here


I will need to schedule this session for you.  Use donation button to may your donation and you will be automatically sent to contact us page

Make sure to enter telephone number and email address for scheduling. i will call and email you to provide available dates and times.